Ground Care & Maintenance Contracts

Contract ground care including grass and hedge cutting services for local authorities, highway agencies and estate management across Teesside and the North East. All ground care work is carried out using fully trained machine operators. The services for ground maintenance are as follows:

  • Grass Cutting - Cutting and dropping all grassed areas around the site. The edges between grassed areas and paving are maintained in a neat and tidy manner. Strimming base of all fence lines and trees.
  • Hedge & Shrub Maintenance - Trimming hedges and shrubs when needed, maintaining sight lines for motorists, and pruning shrubs to prevent obstructing footpaths and hard areas.
  • Weed Control - Restricting weed growth to all edges of grassed areas, walkways, roadways, building perimeter, and carparks. Chemically controlling moss on hard surfaces in early spring whilst actively growing. Ensuring shrub beds remain weed free.
  • Clearing Service - Removing litter, debris and leaves from landscape areas.
  • Marking of Sports Pitches - Measuring, marking and burning in sports pitches.