Health & Safety

Our aim is to provide our customers with the right equipment to do the job safely.

We provide statutory examination tests and certificates with all lifting and pressurised plant. All scheduled examination dates are kept electronically.

We also aim to ensure that the plant is maintained in a safe manner by our staff. A full service history record is available for our plant.

All our hire plant is subject to national industry standards. (CPA Terms & Conditions)

Although all of our equipment is supplied with manufacturers’ safety features as standard, we are always responsive to our customers' needs and are happy to discuss the provision of additional features to help protect your employees.

Following are some of our standard procedures and current initiatives:

  • Pre-hire safety check systems – documented check list
  • Service sign off sheet-signed by your staff on completion of satisfactory service
  • An operators manual will be provided with all high risk machines
  • Working with manufacturers to improve safety, information and warranty support
  • EHS process to vet new equipment acquisition plans
  • Breakdown reduction program focused on planned preventative maintenance
  • Regular monitoring  to ensure that all guards are thoroughly examined and warning signals (e.g. beacons) are fitted where applicable
  • Roll-over protection systems (ROPS) for at risk plants